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Gazprom Neft partners with the Skolkovo Foundation’s GreenTechStartup Booster ecological accelerator

Gazprom Neft has partnered with the Skolkovo Foundation’s GreenTechStartup Booster ecological accelerator — Russia’s first accelerator for technological startups in ecology and sustainable development, organised by the Skolkovo Foundation in conjunction with industry leaders and supported by specialist Russian ministries. Gazprom Neft was involved in selecting the most promising projects in both traditional areas for the oil business, as well as in the “new energy” sector — more than 850 startups, from 190 cities worldwide having taken part in this competition.

Winners were categorised across six nominations: clean water; clean air; clean energy; clean land; environmental monitoring; and people and the environment. Thanks to its involvement in the programme Gazprom Neft has been able to put together an up-to-date database of startups offering ecological technologies, and to select the most interesting solutions to progress in conjunction with development companies in 2021, including in environmental monitoring, hydrogen energy, improving energy efficiency, and offsetting greenhouse gas emissions.

Gazprom Neft invests considerable resources in industrial safety, workplace safety, and in developing the human resources and social potential of those locations in which it operates. Partnering with the Skolkovo Foundation is a continuation of the company’s strategy of improving its technological processes, and of identifying and deploying innovative ecological and environmental solutions. The company is a signatory to the United Nations’ Global Compact — the most significant international corporate social responsibility (CSR) and sustainable development initiative in the world — as well as supporting the implementation of the Paris Agreement on combatting climate change. Gazprom Neft was awarded a ranking of “B” in the 2020 Carbon Disclosure Project ratings — the highest level achieved by any Russian oil company.

“The conditions oil companies are operating under today differ very significantly from those we were seeing even a few years ago. Companies today are reconsidering their views on sustainable development, and becoming more ambitious in their ecological goals and initiatives. A major step forward for our company here will be our ESG i Environmental, social and corporate governance management-efficiency improvement project, which we are currently launching. Partnering with Skolkovo will allow us to organise our search for new technologies in line with our own challenges as well as global trends in sustainable development.”
Sergey Vakulenko
Sergey Vakulenko Head of Strategy and Innovation, Gazprom Neft
Notes for editors

The Skolkovo Foundation is a non-profit organisation, founded in 2010. It operates as the management company of the Skolkovo Innovation Centre. The Foundation’s objective is to support technological entrepreneurship in Russia, and to support the commercialisation of the outcomes of research activities. Resident companies at Skolkovo already number more than 2,700. Revenues generated by resident companies stood at more than RUB100 billion in 2019, with total investments standing at RUB13 billion.