Gazprom Neft’s anti-COVID-19 programme

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  • Gazprom Neft’s COVID-19 counter-proliferation strategy is being implemented in every locality in which the company operates

Gazprom Neft’s COVID-19 counter-proliferation strategy is being implemented in every locality in which the company operates

A full COVID-19 counter-proliferation strategy has been put in place throughout the Gazprom Neft Group of Companies, with meetings of HQ control staff being held — remotely — every day. Baseline scenarios have been modelled on the potential development of the COVID-19 threat for employees and contractors, and group-wide barriers — including technical and organisational initiatives to prevent the spread of infection — put in place. Training sessions have been held on ensuring business continuity in the face of COVID-19 infection being identified in the workplace.

Gazprom Neft moved part of its workforce to remote working (“working from home”) with effect from 19 March. This will continue until 30 April, and may be extended thereafter. All pregnant women, employees over 60 years old, any employee with a disability, and any employee with any chronic cardio-vascular or respiratory condition have been moved to remote working as a priority.

Approximately 60% of the company’s head office staff in St Petersburg are now working from home. Approximately 15% of the company’s total workforce is now working remotely, including personnel at industrial enterprises, with this number set to increase.

The company has introduced additional previously unavailable digital remote-working services, guaranteeing the continuity of production processes as employees move over to remote working. The company has expanded opportunities for employees to use technical equipment and software provided by the company, at home.

Working shifts at remote oil production facilities have been increased to 60 days. Any employee unable to join their standard shift on time as a result of their previous shift being extended will nonetheless be paid the upfront portion of their salary.

The group’s Moscow and Omsk Refineries will maintain production volumes of petroleum products as planned. The high level of automation throughout the company’s refining facilities means personnel are able to maintain oversight of technological processes from control rooms remotely, in compliance with infection-control initiatives.

All corporate events at Gazprom Neft have been postponed indefinitely, and employees’ participation in external events cancelled. Any meetings involving more than 10 people are now being held through video conferencing.

Business trips abroad have been terminated, and those within the Russian Federation severely curtailed. All information on employees returning from trips abroad is being centralised. Any employee returning from abroad is required to self-isolate at home for a period of 14 days.

Disinfection of contact surfaces is ongoing throughout production facilities and office premises; hand-sanitiser dispensers have been installed, viricidal filters fitted in ventilation systems, and anti-bacterial sterilisation lamps placed in employee shared spaces. Daily remote temperature monitoring of employees has been put in place. All company offices are equipped with first-aid points at which employees can present for coronavirus testing.

The company’s mobile-based corporate news service now offers a special information feed accessible to all Gazprom Neft employees.