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Gazprom Neft’s filling station network to run on alternative energy

Gazprom Neft has launched its first solar-powered filling station, in the Yaroslavl Oblast. A 5 kW solar-powered electricity station provides the main source of electricity during daylight hours, and can provide up to five percent of the filling station’s power consumption, every year.

The standalone energy system installed at the filling station comprises 16 Russian-made solar panels, with these photovoltaic panels installed at a 60° angle to allow the “self-cleaning” of dust and snow. The equipment used in this system has been adapted to local climatic conditions, and can operate in temperatures from —35° to +31°С.

“Environmental responsibility is one of the key principles driving Gazprom Neft’s operations — so we deploy innovative, cutting-edge solutions in constructing and upgrading our filling stations. Using ‘solar power’ technologies means we can reduce the demand on urban networks — which, in turn, reduces environmental impacts in energy generation. Added to which, given the effective service life of solar panels, the economic benefit of using these could be as much as RUB7 million rubles per service station.”
Alexander Krylov
Alexander Krylov Head of the Gazprom Neft Regional Sales Directorate

Gazprom Neft’s strategy in developing its filling station network envisages the further proactive deployment of solar and other energy-efficiency technologies. The company has modernised lighting and temperature-control systems at more than 600 of its filling stations, delivering energy savings of up to 50%. Также на ряде АЗС “Газпромнефть” устанавливаются станции для быстрой зарядки электромобилей.