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Gazprom Neft’s refineries are moving over to a digital energy-management model

A digital electricity metering and electrical-equipment control-room management system has been deployed at Gazprom Neft’s Moscow Refinery. This cutting-edge automated hardware and software complex monitors the status and operation of key energy facilities at the plant, with all information being broadcast onto the wall of the new control room, in real time. This project has been implemented as part of a digital oversight strategy for monitoring and managing electrical equipment throughout Gazprom Neft’s refining facilities.

The new system replaces the previous-generation analogue mnemonic scheme of the plant’s electricity network, significantly increasing speed and quality in operational process control over electrical equipment. The complex is capable of measuring more than 10,000 signals. Data on the status and condition of technological facilities’ energy and electrical equipment, as well as electricity-consumption data, are accessible to control room operators, online.

Additional information is also provided to the control room through video-analytics technology, helping supervision over operational personnel. Employees can be connected to an augmented reality (AR) system during technological operations and repairs to electrical equipment, with informational support being provided through AR-glasses — speeding up and improving the accuracy of work undertaken, as well as minimising the risk of emergency situations arising.

“The application of cutting-edge digital technologies in energy is making more efficient models for managing technological processes possible. In deploying innovative solutions, we are increasing the reliability and quality of power supplies to our refineries.”
Vladimir Andreev
Vladimir Andreev Head of Power Enegineering Department, Gazprom Neft

This digital control model will be rolled out at the Omsk Refinery, where Gazprom Neft’s “Digital Substation” hardware and software complex has been in pilot operation since 2019.

Notes for editors

Gazprom Neft is undertaking a major programme to modernise its Moscow and Omsk Refineries, involving total investment of more than RUB700 billion by 2025. The first stage of this modernisation has involved the construction and reconstruction of key technological facilities, allowing the complete transition to the production of Euro-5 fuels, significantly improving energy efficiency and environmental friendliness in production. The implementation of the second phase of this modernisation programme is now ongoing, as a result of which the refining depth (“conversion factor”) and light product yield are expected to match the highest international standards.