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Gazprom Neft sends more than RUB1 million worth of medical personal protective equipment (PPE) to the Omsk Oblast

Gazprom Neft continues to support the Omsk Region in combatting the spread of COVID-19, having sent almost 400,000 medical face masks to local government agencies — and having previously despatched more than 700,000 pieces of equipment (including visors, goggles, masks, hamzat suits and antiseptic solutions, as well as respirators) to hospitals and polyclinics in the region. Fuel is being supplied free of charge to medical and social-services transport in the city, while G-Energy service centres are undertaking oil changes for emergency vehicles, free of charge. Volunteers helping the elderly and vulnerable have been given cards allowing them to fill up for free at Gazprom Neft stations.

“I am grateful to Gazprom Neft for the extensive and wide-ranging support offered to the Omsk Region in combatting COVID-19. The company has sent more than one million pieces of cutting-edge, medical PPE to the region, in total. This has helped us build up the necessary stocks for specialists working with coronavirus infection cases. In addition to which, fuel has been provided for the entire medical fleet, as well as for Omsk volunteers on the #МыВместе (AllinItTogether) initiative. Gazprom Neft has, yet again, proved itself to be a key partner to the Omsk Oblast, including in our battle against the spread of infection.”
Alexander Burkov
Alexander Burkov Governor of the Omsk Oblast
“Gazprom Neft has, traditionally, always implemented large-scale corporate responsibility (CSR) programmes in Omsk. In the current crisis we have launched the largest regional project here, directed at helping medics on the frontline in the fight against COVID-19. Thanks to the ‘Gazprom Neft for Medics’ programme local hospitals and social services have been provided with all fuel free of charge for what is, already, the second month. We’ve delivered hard-to-find PPE to city hospitals. The ‘Gazprom Neft for Volunteers’ programme has been providing fuel to Omsk volunteers helping make deliveries to the elderly. We will continue helping and supporting the region in battling the pandemic, together.”
Alexander Dybal
Alexander Dybal Member of the Management Board, Gazprom Neft

Gazprom Neft’s assistance and support to the Omsk Oblast under the “Gazprom Neft for Medics” initiative forms part of the company’s integrated “ANTIVIRUS” programme, directed at combatting COVID-19. This programme involves providing assistance to those locations in which the company operates, together with initiatives throughout the company’s industrial enterprises. The Omsk Refinery, a business engaged in round-the-clock continuous production, is operating in strict adherence to all health and epidemiological requirements. Inflows of employees are strictly demarcated, with floors specifically marked out to ensure social distancing is maintained in common areas. Employees wear face masks, premises and service transportation vehicles are disinfected regularly, and antibacterial air-purifiers have been installed. Working from home has been organised for all employees over 60. A high level of production-automation means technological processes can be managed by small groups of specialists. Extensive testing has been arranged to identify non-symptomatic infected employees, and is being offered to all plant employees and onsite contractors.

Notes for editors

Gazprom Neft’s “ANTIVIRUS” initiative is an integrated programme directed at combatting the spread of COVID-19, involving a range of initiatives including providing free materials and resources to medical services, emergency services employees and voluntary organisations, wherever the company operates. Gazprom Neft is providing fuel, protective equipment and PPE to medical agencies free of charge, as well as offering concessionary payment terms to transport companies and SMEs.

Within the Gazprom Neft group of companies the “Antivirus” programme represents a system of barriers — including technical and organisational initiatives — designed to combat the spread of COVID-19. Crew turnarounds at remote fields have been extended to 90 days, and “buffer zones” put in place for employees waiting to go on-shift, where they are placed under medical care before flying out to fields.

Part of the Gazprom Neft workforce was transferred to remote working (working from home) with effect from 19 March, with additional corporate services — including “remote office” digital technologies — being launched and employees offered greater scope for using specialist software allowing them to work full-time, from home.

Find out more about the “Antivirus” programme at https://www.gazprom-neft.ru/press-center/antivirus/