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Gazprom Neft, the NRU Higher School of Economics and Yandex launch an online educational programme for senior management at innovation companies

A new educational programme for senior management at Russian innovation companies, “Business Thinking in Digital Reality” will start at the National Research University Higher School of Economics (NRU HSE) St Petersburg in 2021. This project has been developed as part of Gazprom Neft’s technology partnership with Yandex and the NRU HSE St Petersburg, itself part of Russia’s national programme to develop the digital economy, as an open-access educational product.

The course runs for 10 weeks, entirely online, using a special methodology, with more than 30 international experts, as well as senior management from the country’s leading companies — the NRU HSE, Gazprom Neft, Yandex, the Internet Initiatives Development Fund (IIDF), VTB Bank, Russian Post (Pochta Rossii), Severstal, ABBYY, SIBUR, Microsoft, Absolut Bank, X5 Retail Group and others — taking part as speakers and tutors.

The five modules on this educational project are concentrated on an overview of the latest digital technologies and experience in deploying these in various sectors of the economy, including IT, industry, banking, telecoms and retail. During their studies participants will be given unique insights from international companies’ practical experience in implementing digital transformation strategies.

This new educational programme will be useful to senior management and company owners at large and medium-sized businesses, as well as department heads keen to acquaint themselves and their companies with today’s digital reality.

On completing the course all participants will develop and present their own digital business transformation strategies to the project’s Advisory Council, and will receive a Diploma in Continued Professional Development from the NRU HSE, as well as a certificate from the Gazprom Neft Corporate University.

“This new business programme encapsulates the experience of leaders in digital business transformation, together with cutting-edge IT solutions. Developed by teachers and facilitators from the Higher School of Economics, Yandex, and Gazprom Neft experts, this programme offers not just a ‘shot of digitalisation’ through a detailed overview of the latest technologies, but also makes it possible — through intensive work with speakers and programme curators — to develop an idea for the digital transformation of a specific area of activity within a business. Online business education and networking means you can put 20 to 30 managers in a discrete educational context in order to develop new habits — a new culture of communication, decision making, planning, and developing products and processes — in a rapidly changing environment. Our programme is about digital transformation in business today; which starts from transforming employees’ and managers’ business thinking.”
Sergey M. Kadochnikov PhD, Director, HSE Campus in St Petersburg
“Digital transformation is an ambitious and long-term project — it’s about changing business processes and, in a sense, people’s mindsets. To achieve this, Gazprom Neft is recruiting and developing qualified staff, including by developing new educational programmes. We hope that this programme will make it possible not just to increase specialists’ knowledge, but also to influence the development of an ecosystem, and develop a ‘pool’ of leaders in digital transformation, with a new kind of mindset, ready to take projects from initial idea to practical outcomes, while maintaining not just the company’s, but the country’s strategic development vector.”
Andrey Belevtsev
Andrey Belevtsev Chief Digital Officer, Gazprom Neft
“Our cutting-edge educational programme is a unique combination of digital evangelists’ opinions and views, theories on digital transformation, and the experience of national and international practitioners. Programme participants will be able to undertake their own benchmark analysis of business models, form their own set of ideas, and apply best practices appropriate to their own individual situation. The programme has been designed on a modular basis, giving participants the opportunity to put together their own individualised tracks, and exploiting students’ collaboration with each other. This unique selection of educational solutions is making it possible to completely change business leaders’ views on digital transformation and digital projects.”
Ilya Dementyev
Ilya Dementyev Rector, Gazprom Neft Corporate University
“Yandex is proactively building the digital future we will all have to live and work in. But technologies only makes sense, and are only useful, when people use them willingly and skilfully. We do a lot of work through the Yandex Educational Initiative, helping people of all ages and professions get comfortable with — and live and work productively with — the digital world, and I am delighted that we are now involved in a trailblazing project in business education.”
Andrey Sebrant Director of Strategic Marketing, Yandex and co-author of the programme
Notes for editors

The National Research University Higher School of Economics (NRU HSE) is ranked the No. 1 university in Russia for business and economics (QS World University Rankings by Subject (2019/2020)), and is responsible for originating, developing and implementing the “Business Thinking in Digital Reality” educational programme.

Yandex is one of Russia’s biggest technology companies, and the digital partner on this project, involved in its development and implementation and providing a block of courses on information technology as well as cases and advice on digital business models.

The Yandex Educational Initiative is a programme directed at improving the educational environment, through technology. As part of its Educational Initiative Yandex is supporting scientific and technological education in Russia, helping people develop digital skills, empowering teachers, and promoting the idea of technology having a positive impact on education. Yandex has committed to investing more than RUB5 billion in educational projects, and to training 100,000 specialists for Russia’s IT industry, between 2020 and 2022.