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Gazprom Neft to integrate digital systems with the Rossstandart All-Russian Research Institute of Metrological Service (VNIIMS)

Gazprom Neft has signed an agreement with the All-Russian Research Institute of Metrological Service (VNIIMS) on cooperating in developing digital measurement systems for industrial enterprises.

This partnership envisages the development of an IT app to allow the universal connection of various technological production facilities, and data collection from these. The system will be integrated with Gazprom Neft metrologists’ automated workstations, and with federal state information service Rosstandart’s “Arshin” programme. The resulting digital product will subsequently be licensed for use throughout production facilities at oil and gas companies and other industries.

More than 300,000 measuring instruments are in use throughout Gazprom Neft businesses, across various production processes. Creating a common operating system for these will further improve efficiency in asset management. Processes involved in digital government regulation, and in auditing and calibrating metrological equipment, will also be optimised.

“Developing this new digital system will ensure operating activities — in measuring oil and oil product volumes, for example — are unified throughout company assets, in different regions. This will mean we can maintain a high standard in metrological activities within the company, while making sure this is in line with the needs both of a developing business and government regulators.”
Anton Dumin
Anton Dumin Head of Information Technology, Automation and Telecommunications Department, Gazprom Neft
“The law on the antecedence (priority) of electronic registration for verifying the outcomes and approvals of various measurements comes into force in September. This will be the only legally valid basis for confirming the outcomes of metrological activities, and unless information and data are transferred to the Federal Metrology Fund, they will be invalid. This is, in fact, one of the first pieces of draft Russian legislation to lay the groundwork for creating a digital metrological environment for addressing the challenges of modern production and the ‘industrial Internet’ or ‘Internet of Things (IoT)’. We see this project with Gazprom Neft as a case in point in that kind of development.”
Alexander Kuzin Director of the All-Russian Research Institute of Metrological Service (VNIIMS)