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Gazprom Neft to supply Russian airports with cutting-edge bitumens for airstrip construction

Gazprom Neft has concluded an agreement with the Federal Air Transport Agency (Rosaviatsia) on expanding the use of high-tech bitumen materials throughout Russian airports, under a document signed by Gazprom Neft CEO Alexander Dyukov and Head of the Federal Air Transport Agency Aleksandr Neradko. Gazprom Neft products will be used in building and upgrading airstrips, taxi strips, aircraft parking areas, aprons and other airfield infrastructure.

Gazprom Neft will supply airports with polymer-bitumen binders (PBBs), sealant tapes, protective-restorative compounds, mastics and bituminous penetrating compounds for use in airport infrastructure servicing and maintenance. Bespoke bitumen-binder formulations will be developed at the company’s Bitumen Materials Science and Technology Centre in line with local climates and individual airports’ forecast traffic loads. The company will also be putting forward its proprietary foundation-reinforcement technologies, used in improving the reliability and service life of airfield infrastructure. Gazpromneft-Bitumen Materials will act as operator under this agreement.

“Gazprom Neft’s bitumen products are widely used in infrastructure construction and reconstruction throughout many Russian airports, including the Moscow aviation hub, St Petersburg, Novosibirsk, Vladivostok and other cities. This agreement with Rosaviatsia will see us collaborating still more actively with the regions, adapting our bitumen formulations in line with the requirements of specific airports and putting forward our own expertise and infrastructure-construction technologies.”
Alexander Dyukov
Alexander Dyukov Chairman of the Management Board, Gazprom Neft
“Deploying promising new technologies in building and upgrading airfield infrastructure facilities is vital in guaranteeing high quality contract fulfilment by contractors. Rosaviatsa is keen to support domestic companies by putting forward cutting-edge, high-tech materials for modernising and maintaining civil aviation infrastructure facilities’ performance and serviceability.”
Aleksandr Neradko
Aleksandr Neradko Head of the Federal Air Transport Agency (Rosaviatsia)