Gazprom Neft’s anti-COVID-19 programme

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Gazprom Neft triples aviation refuelling for planes carrying medical supplies

Gazpromneft-Aero, operator of the Gazprom Neft aviation refuelling business, is ensuring uninterrupted fuel supplies to key trans-Siberian aviation hubs Tolmachevo airport (Novosibirsk) and Yemelyanovo (Krasnoyarsk) — these international airports having become the main stops for refuelling air carriers transporting anti-COVID medical supplies from Asia to Russia and Europe.

Gazprom Neft is handling “wing-tip” refuelling in Novosibirsk for more than 90 Volga-Dnepr, CAL Cargo Air Lines, CargoLux, Lufthansa Cargo, ASL Airlines Belgium, Silk Way West and other flights, every week. Air Bridge Cargo is being refuelled in Krasnoyarsk. Gazpromneft-Aero’s sales of aviation fuels to cargo airlines at Tolmachevo and Yemelyanovo saw a three-fold increase in March 2020.

Under the current increased demand for transportation of medical supplies, Gazpromneft-Aero’s refuelling of Volga-Dnepr international flights has seen a 30% increase, reaching 3,000 tonnes per month. Cargo-carrier refuelling is being undertaken in partnership with direct fuel suppliers at airports in Hanoi (Vietnam), Delhi (India) and Johor Bahru (Malaysia), and at seven industrial centres throughout China.

“Our complexes comply with the most stringent international IATA standards on aviation refuelling, and are ready to service Russian and international airlines’ long-haul aircraft round-the-clock. We take the most stringent anti-COVID-19 measures possible when refuelling aircraft. Employees at all refuelling complexes are assessed by medics every day; and all are kitted out with full PPE, including medical masks, gloves and sanitisers. All airfield tankers are fully disinfected after each refuelling, as a matter of course.”
Vladimir Egorov
Vladimir Egorov CEO, Gazpromneft-Aero
Notes for editors

Gazpromneft Aero is a subsidiary of Gazprom Neft. The company has been providing aircraft refuelling services and selling aviation fuel at airports since 1 January, 2008. Gazpromneft Aero has been an aviation-fuel strategic partner of the International Air Transport Association (IATA) since December 2008. Gazpromneft-Aero is the leading aviation fuel supplier on the Russian market in terms of its retail sales. The company’s operational activities are fully compliant with the highest safety standards in fuelling operations: Green.

Gazpromneft-Aero’s refuelling operations at Tolmachevo and Yemelyanovo airports are undertaken in conjunction with partners Novoaport in Novosibirsk and Lukoil-Aero in Krasnoyarsk, with aviation fuels being delivered to refuelling facilities from Gazprom Neft’s Omsk Refinery.