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  • Gazpromneft-Aero commences aviation refuelling services for Aircompany Armenia in Russia

Gazpromneft-Aero commences aviation refuelling services for Aircompany Armenia in Russia

Gazpromneft Aero, operator of the Gazprom Neft aviation refuelling business, has commenced refuelling services for Aircompany Armenia scheduled flights at Moscow’s Vnukovo airport — the carrier having begun Yerevan — Moscow — Yerevan flights on Boeing 737 aircraft in August 2016.

Total volumes of aviation fuel supplies, under an annual contract between Gazpromneft-Aero and Aircompany Armenia, will amount to more than 3,500 tonnes. Both parties plan to further extend their collaboration, in the future: Aircompany Armenia is currently developing its direct-flight network from Yerevan to various regions in Russia, and abroad.

Vladimir Egorov, CEO, Gazpromneft Aero, commented: “We are committed to extending partnership agreements with national carriers of neighbouring countries. The services and fuel quality offered by Gazpromneft-Aero are fully compliant with international standards, meaning we can guarantee carriers consistently high-quality services, fast turnaround times on refuelling, and adherence to the principle of formula-pricing — benefits that are, of course, currently available at all airports at which Gazpromneft Aero has a presence.”

Robert Oganesyan, CEO, Aircompany Armenia, added: “In our business it’s very important to comply with current international standards. Gazpromneft-Aero offers aviation fuels and service levels that meet IATA standards, for which reason we are delighted to be entering into collaboration at Vnukovo airport and are very optimistic about developing this further at airports throughout Russia and abroad.”

Notes for editors

Gazpromneft Aero is a subsidiary of Gazprom Neft. The company has been providing aircraft refuelling services and selling aviation fuel at airports since January 1, 2008. Since December 2008, Gazpromneft Aero has been a strategic partner of the International Air Transport Association (IATA) in the field of aviation fuel supply. Gazpromneft-Aero is the leading aviation fuel supplier on the Russian market in terms of its retail sales. The company’s operational activities are fully compliant with the highest safety standards in fuelling operations — “Green”.

Aircompany Armenia has been operating since 18 December 2015, receiving all necessary codes — ICAO(NGT), IATA- RM (743) — in early 2016.