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Gazpromneft Aero extends international refuelling network for Nordwind Airlines

Gazpromneft Aero, operator of the Gazprom Neft aviation refuelling business, has concluded a new long-term agreement for the refuelling of Nordwind Airlines planes, increasing the airline’s refuelling network from five to 13 international airports throughout popular tourist destinations including Rimini, Cagliari, and Lamezia ( Italy); Tenerife, Barcelona, and Palma, Mallorca (Spain); Larnaca (Cyprus); Goa (India); Phuket, Bangkok, and Utapao (Thailand); and Punta Cana (Dominican Republic). In addition to this, as part of the Nordwind Airlines contract Gazprom Neft has, for the first time, begun deliveries at Puerto Plata-La Union International Airport, Dominican Republic, increasing the company’s presence at international airports to 164.

Under the terms of the agreement, annual refuelling volumes through the Gazpromneft Aero network will increase from 1,500 tonnes to more than 43,000. Aircraft refuelling at international airports is undertaken through agreements with major aviation fuel suppliers in local markets. Partnerships with national oil companies ensure optimum fuel prices and timely deliveries for air carriers throughout 61 countries worldwide.

Gazpromneft Aero CEO Vladimir Egorov commented: “Collaboration with Nordwind Airlines has allowed Gazpromneft Aero to further strengthen its position throughout popular tourist locations. We have been diversifying our portfolio of international fuel suppliers ahead of the summer season in order to guarantee our Russian partners timely deliveries and optimum prices during the busiest season for passenger traffic.”

Nordwind Airlines Director General Igor Shvetsov commented: “As a long-standing partner to air carrier Nordwind, Gazpromneft Aero has proved itself a reliable and consistent provider of aviation refuelling services. Over the course of our collaboration we have been able to establish a positive and mutually beneficial environment, allowing us to meet the challenges of aviation refuelling efficiently and successfully. A good working relationship, driven by management, is one of the key factors behind the mutual success of our two companies. It is gratifying that — in what are challenging times for the aviation and tourist industries — we can still push the boundaries of our business with ever newer offerings for our clients, at a consistently high level. There’s no doubt that our success here is due, in no small part, to high quality refuelling services.”

Notes for editors

Gazpromneft Aero is a subsidiary of Gazprom Neft. The company has been involved in aircraft refuelling and the “wing-tip” supply of aviation fuels since 1st January 2008. Gazpromneft Aero has been an aviation-fuel strategic partner of the International Air Transport Association (IATA) since December 2008. The company leads the Russian aviation fuels market in terms of retail sales volumes. The company’s operational activities utilise technologies to ensure the highest safety standards in fueling operations — “Green”.

Nordwind Airlines is one of the leading carriers in the Russian aviation market, flying to key tourist destinations (including 10 cities in five European countries) from 33 cities throughout the Russian Federation. Having now completed a total 412,808 in-flight hours, the opening of new routes and investment in its air fleet mean Nordwind Airlines is on its way to becoming a global brand.