Gazpromneft Aero supplies one million tons of aviation kerosene to Russian Ministry of Defense

Компания Gazpromneft Aero, the operator of Gazprom Neft's aviation fuel business, has re-fueled Russian military aircraft with over one million tons of aviation kerosene. This was the first time Gazpromneft Aero reached the million-ton mark since it began operating at military air bases in May 2011.


At present, the company provides fuel for Russian Air Force aircraft at 28 military air bases. Pursuant to a directive of the Government of the Russian Federation, the company has been providing Russian Air Force with aviation kerosene and all other fuel and lubricants they require.

Over 2 billion rubles has been invested in fueling infrastructure at Russian Air Force bases since 2011. The company plans to invest another 6 billion rubles in renovating and building fueling complexes and accompanying infrastructure at air bases before 2015.

Since the beginning of the year, Gazpromneft Aero has built seven new laboratories at Air Force bases in order to provide fuel quality control, and has also purchased 21 new fueling trucks for the company's branches in Pskov, Ryazan, Lipetsk, Tambov, Taganrog, Yekaterinburg, Orenburg, and Akhtubinsk.

Gazpromneft Aero CEO Vladimir Yegorov said, "We are the first non-military fuel supplier that has begun operations at the Russian Air Force bases. The company's key challenges for the coming years include building fueling complexes at military air bases, setting up fuel supply operations in keeping with Gazpromneft Aero's service standards, and setting up quality control in compliance with demanding international requirements."

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