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Gazpromneft Aero undertakes «wing-tip» refuelling for the world’s biggest airliner

Gazprom Neft subsidiary Gazpromneft-Aero, operator of the company’s aviation refuelling business, has refuelled the world’s largest passenger aircraft — an Emirates Airbus 380 — for the first time. Refuelling took place at Pulkovo International Airport into two wings simultaneously, involving two tankers and a total 45 cubic meters of aviation fuel. All technological operations were undertaken in full compliance with international aircraft servicing regulations.

The Airbus A380 is a wide-bodied, two-decked four-engine aircraft. The biggest aircraft in the world, it can — depending on the cabin configuration — transport between 525 and 853 passengers at any one time. The A380’s fuel tanks can hold up to 248 tonnes of aviation fuel, allowing it to make direct flights of up to 15,400 kilometres.

Refuelling of Emirates’ daily St Petersburg — Dubai flights is undertaken as part of a long-term agreement between the airline and Gazpromneft-Aero. Refuelling volumes for Emirates at Pulkovo totalled 9,700 tonnes in the first nine months of 2018, a 10-percent increase year-on-year.

Gazpromneft-Aero CEO Vladimir Egorov commented: «We currently refuel all kinds of aircraft — from light aircraft to wide-bodied airliners — at 259 airports throughout 66 countries worldwide. Our technological know-how and skills mean we can develop partnerships with major airlines, further strengthening Gazpromneft-Aero’s position on the global market and improving domestic standards in aviation refuelling.»

The refuelling complex at Pulkovo is regularly audited by the IATA Fuel Quality Pool (IFQP) and has the highest safety standards in refuelling operations — Green

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