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Gazpromneft-Badra improves the stability of electricity supplies in Iraq’s Wasit Province

Gazpromneft-Badra (operator on developing Iraq’s Badra field) has begun supplying electricity to the city of Badra and neighbouring population centres around the field, home to more than 25,000 people.

These population centres are supplied from a 123.5 MW gas-turbine power plant (GTPP) which powers all production equipment and infrastructure facilities at the field, as well as its residential complex.*

Electricity is supplied through overhead power lines, built by the company as part of its modernisation of electricity infrastructure in areas surrounding the field. The project covers the city of Badra and the population centres of Zurbatiya and Jassan.

The Badra field is not only an important part of the oil and gas infrastructure in central Iraq, but also one of the key components in the country’s energy system. In addition to supplying electricity from the GTPP to population centres throughout Wasit Province, Gazpromneft Badra also produces dry-stripped commercial gas, which is transported via a 100-kilometre pipeline to the Az-Zubaidiya power station, supplying electricity to several provinces throughout Iraq, including the state capital, Baghdad.

“While implementing innovative projects, Gazprom Neft Badra remains focussed on developing the areas surrounding the field, and on improving living standards for local people. The company’s industrial complex is one of the most high-tech production facilities in Iraq, which today not only ensures the most environmentally friendly and effective development of this asset, but is also helping to improve the stability of energy supplies for people living in Wasit Province.”
Sergei Karavaev
Sergei Karavaev Gazpromneft-Badra CEO

Concurrently with its infrastructure projects, Gazpromneft-Badra is also implementing a major corporate social responsibility (CSR) programme, directed at improving living standards for the local population. Three school buildings were constructed by the company in 2014 — two in Badra and one in the village of Jassan. The company was responsible for repairing and refurbishing a local clinic in Badra throughout 2012 and 2016, supplying new medical equipment. Two ambulances have been acquired on behalf of local health authorities, and two mini-buses for Wasit University. Gazpromneft-Badra has also provided computers for schools in Badra. The company is now involved in building a new 50-bed hospital.

Notes for editors

* The Badra power plant forms part of a major industrial complex at the field, being part of the integrated gas treatment unit the central oil and gas treatment facility in Badra. The plant is fuelled by dry-stripped gas produced from associated petroleum gas (APG).

The Badra oilfield is located in the Wasit Province, Eastern Iraq. Preliminary estimates indicate reserves in place at the Badra field to be in the order of three billion barrels of oil. Development of the field is expected to run for 20 years, with potential for extension by a further five. The contract was signed with the Government of Iraq in January 2010, on behalf of a consortium comprising Gazprom Neft (operator), KOGAS (Korea), PETRONAS (Malaysia), and TPAO (Turkey). Gazprom Neft’s share in the project is 30 percent, KOGAS’ 22.5 percent, PETRONAS’ 15 percent and TPAO’s 7.5 percent. The share held by the Iraqi government, represented by the Iraqi Oil Exploration Company (OEC), is 25 percent.