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Gazpromneft gas station network in Moscow converts to sale of Euro 5 gasoline

The Gazpromneft gas station network in Moscow and Moscow Oblast has completely converted to sale of AI-92 and AI-95 automotive gasoline and diesel fuel which meet the Euro 5 environmental standard and is produced at the Moscow Oil Refinery Link will open new window.


The environmental grade 5 fuel is distinguished by its high degree of purity and minimum levels of pollutants such as sulfur. Running automobiles on this fuel makes it possible to reduce the environmental impact of engine exhaust and improve environmental conditions in the region. Gazprom Neft supplies petroleum products to gas stations in Moscow and Moscow Oblast from its own enterprise, the Moscow Oil Refinery, thereby providing multilevel quality control from production to end sale to customers. Each load of fuel is delivered to gas stations with a quality certificate.

“The Gazpromneft gas station network in Moscow has converted to the sale of Euro 5 grade gasoline far in advance of the terms set in the Technical Regulations. Using this fuel will improve environmental conditions in the Russian capital, and will also make it possible to improve the service life of modern automobiles, since their engines are designed to be fueled with high-environmental-grade gasoline and diesel fuel,” emphatically commented Gazprom Neft Regional Sales Director Alexander Krylov.

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The Gazpromneft gas station network Link will open new windowincludes 98 gas stations in Moscow and 39 in Moscow Oblast.

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