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Gazpromneft Lubricants launches production of G-Energy Racing specialized motor oils

Motor oil G-Energy Racing

Gazpromneft Lubricants open a new window, the operator of Gazprom Neft’s motor oil production and sales business, has developed and launched the production of G-Energy Racing specialized motor oils, designed for professional racecars and modern sports cars.

G-Energy Racing is a 100 percent synthetic motor oil appropriate for use in automobiles that run on either gasoline or diesel fuel. This special line of products is recommended for all types of racing engines, including air cycle, turbo , fuel-injected, and carburetor engines. G-Energy Racing motor oils provide maximum protection against engine wear and efficiently guard engine parts against the formation of deposits. They maintain their performance characteristics even under the peak load conditions that are typical for racing. The use of a friction modifier in combination with synthetic base oils helps the engine run smoother, thus freeing up additional power needed to achieve the best results in competition. The product line includes a series of motor and transmission oils. Racing oils under the premium brand are produced at the Gazpromneft Lubricants plant in the Italian city of Bari.

G-Force Russian Rally Team car
G-Force Russian Rally Team car

The formula of G-Energy Racing motor oils was designed with the direct participation of engineers who service professional auto races, and is currently undergoing tests in the G-Force cars. Gazpromneft Lubricants is a partner of that team. After the testing is complete, the new product line will enter retail market.

“The constant focus on developing our production assets enables us to create products that meet the strictest requirements of the world’s leading auto manufacturers. And investment in research and development has made Gazpromneft Lubricants a technological leader of the Russian lubricants market,” noted Alexander Trukhan, Chief Executive Officer of Gazpromneft Lubricants LLC.

Notes for editors

Gazpromneft Lubricants LLC open a new window is the subsidiary of Gazprom Neft that specializes in the production and sale of motor oils, lubricants, and technical fluids. It was created in November 2007. Gazpromneft Lubricants has five productions sites in Russia, Italy, and Serbia. Its total production volume amounts to 450,000 tons of high-quality motor oils, lubricants, and technical fluids per year.

Gazpromneft Lubricants’ management system and production facilities meet the international standards ISO 9001, ISO 14001, and OHSAS 18001. The company supplies its products to the assembly lines of automobile manufacturers including Mercedes Benz Trucks Vostok, the Avtodor group of companies (for General Motors automobiles), KAMAZ, and GAZ. Consumers of Gazprom Neft’s industrial products include the companies Severstal, Sibur, Gazprom, Evraz, and MMK.

In 2012, the company substantially expanded its range of products, introducing 35 new premium products. In cooperation with leading automobile manufacturers and companies that operate motor vehicles, Gazpromneft Lubricants is improving motor oil formulas and developing new products. At present, the company’s portfolio includes motor oils for gasoline and diesel engines in cars and trucks, transmission fluid, hydraulic fluid, machine oils, service products, and coolants under the G-Energy and Gazpromneft brand names. In 2012, the company also began making marine oils under the Texaco brand name. The company’s range of products includes over 400 motor oil and lubricant product names for all market sectors (including over 1000 commodity items).

The company has a 14 percent share of the lubricants market in Russia, and it also operates on the South European, Serbian, Ukrainian, Belarusian, Kazakhstan, and Central Asian markets. The company supplies products to a total of 38 countries.

G-Energy open a new window is Gazprom Neft’s premium motor oil brand. G-Energy brand motor oils are designed for the most advanced European, American, and Japanese passenger cars. The unique adaptive technology used in G-Energy motor oil makes it possible to strengthen necessary performance characteristics depending on the engine’s operating conditions by activating appropriate additives at the right time. These products are made at Gazpromneft Lubricants Italia S.p.A in Bari, Italy.