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Gazpromneft Muravlenko now utilizes more than 95% of associated petroleum gas

Gazpromneft Muravlenko is currently utilizing an average of more than 95% of its associated petroleum gas (APG). The company has managed to reach this level primarily as a result of its implementation of the Noyabrsk Integrated Project (NIP), aimed at increased efficiency in utilizing APG extracted from the Gazpromneft Muravlenko and Gazpromneft Noyabrskneftegaz fields.

The Yety-Purovskoye Gas Pipeline

Since 2010, Gazpromneft Muravlenko has restored and built more than 130 km of gas pipelines at the Yety-Purovskoye, Vyngayakhinskoye, Umseyskoye, Severoyangtinskoye, and Kraynee fields. In addition, the company added five new compressor plants at the Sugmutskoye, Yety-Purovskoye, Vyngayakhinskoye, and Romanovskoye fields. SIBUR has followed JSC Gazprom Neft’s example in driving productivity: the company has built the Vyngapur Gas Processing Plant in the district, thereby increasing the volume of APG sent for processing.

JSC Gazprom Neft continues to use associated petroleum gas with ever-increasing effectiveness. Among the company’s current projects is construction of a new compressor plant for the Yety-Purovskoye field. The new plant has a capacity of over 1 billion cubic metres of gas per year. Gazpromneft also plans to build a 9 km pipeline to deliver APG to the Gazprom Dobycha Noyabrsk gas collection system. From there, the gas will be shipped to the major Urengoy-Chelyabinsk pipeline via the Vyngayakhinskoye comprehensive gas treatment plant (CGTP).

“Gazpromneft Muravlenko considers increased utilization of APG to be one of its top priorities. These projects allow us to use associated petroleum gas effectively, as well as to minimize anthropogenic environmental impact whenever possible”, notes Chief Executive Officer of Gazpromneft Muravlenko Valery Kolotilin. “The brand-new compressor plant for the Yety-Purovskoye field, scheduled to go online in 2016, will help us prepare the field’s infrastructure to handle the increased volumes of APG expected to be extracted in the coming years. In addition, the project includes solutions that will allow us to reserve production capacity for use of APG during summertime processing plant repairs. These reserves will allow us to maintain our high levels of APG utilization.”

Notes for editors

Gazpromneft Muravlenko is one of JSC Gazprom Neft’s main production subsidiaries. The company is developing 13 fields in the south of the Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Area. Its operating stock consists of over 4,000 wells, 2,800 of which are currently in operation. In 2013, the company produced approximately 13.4 million tonnes of oil equivalent, 4.1% more than in 2012.

Gazpromneft Muravlenko serves as JSC Gazprom Neft’s Pipeline Operations Centre of Excellence, consolidating innovative practices in the field of pipeline operations developed by other JSC Gazprom Neft extraction subsidiaries.