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Gazpromneft Noyabrskneftegaz brings online new drilling technologies

Gazpromneft Noyabrskneftegaz ссылка откроется в новом окне, a subsidiary of Gazprom Neft, has successfully completed pilot testing of Multibur, a new type of drilling mud, while sidetracking horizontal wells at Kholmistoye, Vorgenskoye, and Karamovskoye fields. At present, each pilot well produces approximately 70 tons per day. This exceeds target values by three times.

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The new drilling mud with enhanced inhibiting and lubricating properties allows to improve the quality and increase the speed of drilling, and also to drill auxiliary and horizontal boreholes in a well without changing the drilling mud, in contrast to other drilling muds. The test results confirmed the environmental safety of using this mud.

“When faced with tougher geological conditions during drilling, we turn towards innovative and greener technologies. Plant-based drilling muds are becoming more and more competitive, since developing tight reserves using those muds is more efficient both technologically and economically,” said Gazpromneft Noyabrskneftegaz CEO Pavel Kryukov.

Notes for editors

Multibur is a drilling mud with enhanced inhibiting and lubricating properties and a broad range of densities. This is a completely new type of mixture on a gel emulsion basis. It was used at Gazpromneft Noyabrskneftegaz for the first time, and is an alternative to hydrocarbon-based drill fluids.