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Gazpromneft-Tyumen Launched Realization of New Gasoline Brands

Gazpromneft-Tyumen operating a network of Sibneft-brand filling stations has launched retail sales of new Normal-80 and Regular-92 gasoline brands. These new gasoline brands replaced the conventional brands of A-80 and A-92.

Produced at the Omsk Refinery, the Normal-80 and Regular-92 gasolines are characteristic of making provision for such an important index as vaporizability. There are five types of gasoline specified by a relevant state standard in terms of the said index. Fractional composition and saturated vapor pressure requirements are determined depending on the season and the climatic area of use. A classification like this meets the operating requirements to a greater degree and enables a more economical and rational use of gasoline. Due to enhanced ecological features, utilizing of the engine fuel marketed by Gazpromneft-Tyumen contributes to a considerable reduction of cancerogenic emissions, sulfur compounds and other harmful substances release into the atmosphere.

It will be recalled that as early as last year Gazpromneft-Tyumen started a changeover to the types of fuels corresponding to the Technical Regulations On Requirements to Engine and Aviation Gasolines, Diesel and Marine Fuels, Jet Aircraft Fuel and Residual Fuel Oil effective as of the start of the year 2009. Realization of Premium Euro-95 and Super Euro-98 complying with Euro-3 standards was launched in place of A-96 and Super-98. In prospect, Gazprom Neft’s subsidiaries expect to change over to the production and realization of engine gasoline corresponding to the ecological standards of Euro-4 and Euro-5.