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Gazpromneft filling-station network improves efficiency in online service delivery and non-fuel sales

Monthly sales of Gazprom Neft fuel to drivers using digital services — including the Gazprom Neft filling-station and AZC.GO apps — reached about 41,500 tonnes in 2019. Online payments through these two mobile apps are now available in all areas covered by the company’s filling station network. Growth in the number of people paying for fuel remotely is running at about 20% per month.

Revenues from non-fuel sales and services throughout the Gazprom Neft filling station network in the Russian Federation and the CIS were up seven percent in 2019, reaching RUB20.6 billion. Revenues from sales of hot drinks reached RUB3.6 billion last year, up 16%. A total 30.5 million cups of coffee were sold throughout Gazprom Neft’s directly-owned and partner stations, up four percent on 2018.

Seventy-nine percent of filling-station transactions throughout the Gazprom Neft network were completed using the company’s “On Our Way!” loyalty-programme cards, with total programme participants up nine percent, reaching 11.5 million people. According to Ipsos data, this is Russian motorists’ favourite loyalty programme, with popularity levels up 30% over the past year, and every third motorist being signed up to it.

“We customise the loyalty programme in line with each client’s needs, offering new opportunities to pay for fuel remotely using digital platforms, and increasing operational efficiency by working on the basis of partnership models. Effective tools and innovative solutions are enabling the company to maintain its market-leading position in fuel retailing: according to data from leading market research companies, the Gazprom Neft filling-station network’s ‘On Our Way!’ loyalty programme and branded fuel are the best-known products in fuel retailing among market players throughout the 39 regions in which the company’s filling station network has a presence.”
Alexander Krylov
Alexander Krylov Head of the Gazprom Neft Retail Sales Network
Notes for editors

The Gazprom Neft filling station network totals approximately 1448 filling stations throughout Russia and the CIS. The network’s extensive geographic range, coupled with the highly advantageous location of the company’s Omsk, Moscow and Yaroslavl refineries, continue to ensure Gazprom Neft’s leading position in the wholesale and retail markets of western Siberia and central Russia.