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Helped by new technologies, Gazprom Neft sets a new record in drilling speeds

A new record in well-drilling at Gazprom Neft has been set at the company’s Novoportovskoye field, with a 1,000-metre horizontal shaft being covered in just under three days (2.93 days or 70 hours and 33 minutes).

This result was achieved by using an experimental drill bit,* the design of which had been specially fine-tuned by domestic producers for drilling in permafrost, with equipment having been specifically modified for use at the Novy Port project: the interlobe space and number of jet nozzles having been increased, and the calibration area improved. This new drill-bit has made it possible to double drilling speeds, to 130 metres per hour. The total penetration was 5,921 metres.

Using new technologies and innovative equipment forms part of Gazprom Neft’s «Technical Limits» project — a comprehensive and integrated project to improve drilling processes,** making it possible to build highly complex wells under challenging geological conditions. Helped by this programme, a specialist team at Gazpromneft-Yamal were able to cut drilling costs and lead-times, as well as increasing drilling efficiency, through high-quality process planning, timely equipment preparation, meticulous risk assessments and analysis of lessons learned.

«A record performance always reflects a task’s true terms of reference — specifically, the Gazpromneft-Yamal team’s timely engineering support and effective collaboration with contractors. These outstanding results notwithstanding, the potential for further improvements in drilling performance at Arctic fields is obvious, and we plan to realise this, helped by the tools of the Technical Limits project — which has, already, proved itself».
Alexey Ovechkin
Alexey Ovechkin CEO, Gazpromneft Yamal
Notes for editors

* The drill bit is the key element of any drilling equipment, used to mechanically cut or destroy rock at the bottom of the borehole during well penetration.

** The «Technical Limits» project is an important component in the technological strategy adopted by Gazprom Neft to develop drilling and well completion. This project is based on implementing a system for identifying and implementing potential opportunities for well construction in order to achieve the company’s ambitious goals, while ensuring the highest standards in industrial safety. «Technical Limits» system is one of continuous improvement, involving both permanent employees and contractors.