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  • In 2006 Gazprom Neft will allocate 25 Million Rubles to Support the Tarskyi District of the Omsk Region.

In 2006 Gazprom Neft will allocate 25 Million Rubles to Support the Tarskyi District of the Omsk Region.

On June 29 Vice President of JSC Gazprom Neft Leonid Reznikov, the general director of Sibneft-Vostok LLC Mikhail Markov and the chief executive of Tarskyi district of the Omsk Region Pavel Isaev signed the master agreement on socio-economic development of Tarskyi district.

According to the text of the agreement, subsidiary of JSC Gazprom Neft - Sibneft-Vostok LLC in 2006 will allocate 25 million rubles for financing of social programs of the district.

In particular, 10 million rubles will be allocated for building a complex of water-intaking and treatment plants, implementation of energy-saving technologies and equipment on objects of housing and public utilities of the district in 2006. 5 million rubles will be applied to replace utility networks of the main building of the central regional hospital, and to purchase medical equipment for hospital. The same amount will be invested in purchase of residential spaces for two families of actors, and improvement and decoration of the territory of the Northern drama theatre and financing of participation of the troupe of the theatre in two festivals.

Besides, Gazprom Neft will allocate 5 million rubles on strengthening of facilities of medical college, vocational school, schools and kindergartens of the district, and on establishment of grants for young experts and students of educational institutions of the district in 2006.

The agreement runs that the parties are interested in rational use of resources and the grounds, implementation of the integrated approach in search, exploration of hydrocarbons for the benefit of the oil company and the population of the municipal unit. The parties are also ready to jointly develop programs on geological survey of mineral resources, effective utilization of a raw-material base and socio-economic development of the Tarskyi district. At the same time, the agreement provides for arrangement of conditions for sustainable development of industry and life of the population of the municipal unit.

Let’s note that there is southwest part of Krapivinskoe deposit which Gazprom Neft develops and operates for the last 5 years is located in Tarskyi district.