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Innovative Gazprom Neft bitumen ensures road-surface reliability at a new racetrack in the Leningrad Oblast

Gazpromneft-Bitumen Materials, operator of the Gazprom Neft bitumens business, has been involved in developing a unique road covering for the main circular racetrack at the Igora Drive complex in the Leningrad Oblast. This bitumen—concrete (asphalt) mix, developed by Russian company ABZ-1, and involving innovative bitumen binders produced at the Gazprom Neft Moscow Refinery, has been developed in line with the local climate and the specific movement loads on the autodrome’s racing circuit.

The cutting-edge materials used in the Igora Drive racetrack mean it is able to withstand the excessive multidirectional loads that occur during races between race cars capable of reaching speeds of up to 280 kph. The production of this asphalt mix also involved the addition of special polished ballast (crushed stone), providing the wheel grip necessary for race cars while ensuring low levels of tyre wear.

“Motor sports are a genuine technological battle, and an excellent testing ground for innovative solutions, the best of which can go into mass usage, in the future. There are particular demands placed on road materials in terms of reliability and safety in building modern racetracks. Our R&D expertise, longstanding experience in producing bitumens for various infrastructure facilities, and technological capabilities, meant we were able to help develop the best binder, able to withstand any racing load.”
Dmitry Orlov
Dmitry Orlov Director General, Gazpromneft Bitumen Materials
Notes for editors

Gazpromneft Bitumen Materials is a subsidiary of Gazprom Neft, specialising in the production and sale of bitumen products. The company currently holds a leading position on the Russian bitumens market, as well as being one of the world’s top-10 bitumen producers. The company now delivers bitumens and bitumen derivatives to all regions of Russia. Gazprom Neft bitumen materials are used in roadbuilding in 59 countries worldwide.

Igora Drive is a racetrack complex for various auto- and motorsports disciplines, located 54 kilometres from St Petersburg. The originator behind the complex’s central facility — a 4,086-metre circular racetrack — is German architect Hermann Tilke, the designer behind all modern Formula 1 racetracks.

ABZ-1 is one of Russia’s most important suppliers of high-tech bitumen—concrete (asphalt) mixes, and the market leader in the North—West Region, producing in the order of 15,000 tonnes of asphalt per day.