Italian supply network of Gazpromneft-Aero becomes the largest outside Russia

Gazpromneft-Aero, the Gazprom Neft subsidiary specializing in supplies of aircraft fuel, has reached an agreement with the Russian airline, Transaero, for refueling of its scheduled flights at Fiumicino International Airport (Rome, Italy). Therefore Gazpromneft-Aero network of filling stations in Italy became the biggest network outside Russia. The company now serves 11 airports at major tourist and business centers in Italy: Rome, Milan, Turin, Rimini, Trieste, Lamezia, Venice, Catania, Reggio di Calabria and Cagliari.

Refueling services in Italy are provided under aircraft fuel net supply agreements made by and between Gazpromneft-Aero and the Italian oil and gas company, ENI, and France’s Air Total, enabling guaranteed refueling services for customers of Gazpromneft-Aero at Italian airports.

The CEO of Gazpromneft-Aero, Vladimir Egorov, commented: “Italy is one of the most popular destinations for Russian tourists. Gazpromneft-Aero has therefore decided to expand its refueling services to airline companies at Italian airports. We will continue to work with leading foreign aircraft fuel suppliers abroad, guaranteeing high-quality services to our partners throughout our supply network and observing the pricing principles set out in unified-formula contracts.”

Notes for editors

Gazpromneft-Aero is a subsidiary of JSC Gazprom Neft specialized in aircraft refueling and ‘into-plane’ sales of jet fuel. The company has been in business since 1 January 2008 and became a strategic partner of the International Air Transport Association (IATA) in the field of aircraft fuel supply in December 2008.

Gazpromneft-Aero is the Russian domestic leader by retail sale volumes of jet fuel and has presence at 120 airports outside Russia. The company is focused on further expansion of its foreign presence in order to guarantee refueling services to Russian airlines in time and at reasonable prices wherever they operate.