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Largest Light Gasoline Fraction Isomerization Unit Isomalk-2 Commissioned at Omsk Refinery

Within the framework of the Russian Federation Government visiting session dedicated to the future development of the Russian oil sector, Chairman of the Government Vladimir Putin in the course of the TV space bridge gave the go-ahead to put the light gasoline fraction isomerization plant Isomalk-2 into operation.

The unique Isomalk-2 plant is the largest among Russian and European analogues, and is in the top three of the world plants of the type with the highest capacity. The plant capacity makes 800 thousand tons of isomerization products per year. Isomalk-2 allows producing blending fuel with zero sulphur, aromatic and unsaturated hydrocarbon content. The project employs technical decisions that will allow producing high-octane gasoline complying with the Euro-4 and Euro-5 standards. The introduction of Izomalk-2 into the Omsk Refinery process system is expected to increase the oil processing depth and motor high-octane gasoline production volume.

"The new Isomalk-2 plant was constructed in a record-breaking time, just in 20 months, with the best home and international research and development decisions and construction technologies involved. 75 per cent of the equipment and materials used in the construction were manufactured in Russia", - General Director of the Omsk Refinery Alexander Meling remarked in his speech during the TV space bridge with the Chairman of the Government of the Russian Federation.

"Commissioning the Isomalk-2 plant is a paramount step forward in the development of the Omsk Refinery. It also plays an important strategic role in terms of the large-scale program for modernization of the refinery manufacturing facilities, - Chairman of Gazprom Neft Executive Board Alexander Dyukov stressed. – Starting of the plant operation will enable the Omsk Refinery to produce motor fuels complying with the qualitative and ecological parameters of Grade 4 and Grade 5 of the Technical Regulations".

Notes for editors

The Omsk Refinery is the key Gazprom Neft manufacturing facility. The refinery is one of the most advanced among its peers in Russia and one of the major in the world with the installed capacity of 19.5 mln. tons of crude per year. In 2009, the Omsk Refinery reserved its leading position in terms of light oil products and aromatic hydrocarbons production, and became second among Russian refining ventures by the refining throughput (18.4 mln. tons in 2009). The Omsk Refinery oil processing depth ratio amounts to 86.6 per cent showing one of the best results in the industry.

Currently, the Omsk Refinery is rolling out a large-scale modernization program aimed at improving the ecological characteristics of the fuels produced at the refinery, essential increase of the processing depth, extension of output and product range including high-octane gasolines, diesel fuels, aromatic hydrocarbons, coke, modern bituminous materials, and petrochemicals. It is expected that total investments into the modernization of the Omsk Refinery will exceed 100 bln. rubles within 10 years.