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Meeting Held between Gazprom Neft Chairman Alexander Dyukov and UgraGovernor Natalya Komarova

On July 13, a working meeting took place between Gazprom Neft Chairman of the Executive Board Alexander Dyukov and the Governor of the Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Region Natalya Komarova, which saw the discussion of issues of cooperation between the company and the regional administration.

Inearly 2011, a three-year economic and social cooperation agreement was finalised between Gazprom Neft and the Government of Ugra, according to which Gazprom Neft provides support to social, economic and cultural projects in the region. The company finances the construction of educational institutions, as well as providing support to both mainstream and youth-oriented sporting programmes.The cooperation also extends to environmental programmes and projects aimed at realising the scientific and technological potential of the Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Region.

During the course of the meeting, issues were discussed relating to improving the investment climate in the region, including the current system of tax regulation. The issue of maintaining the level of exploration and oil production in the district was also raised.Concern was also expressed about the unwarranted increase in electricity rates in Khanty-Mansi for industrial consumers in recent years.

“Ugra has traditionally been a key area of Gazprom Neft’s presence. Our subsidiaries operating in the districts how some of the best production rates in the whole Gazprom Neft group. We are constantly maintaining a constructive dialogue with the regional administration, and we hope to preserve the favourable investment climate, which has existed for many years in the district”, declared Alexander Dyukov.