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Messoyakhaneftegaz produces its 10-millionth tonne of oil

Messoyakhaneftegaz, a Gazprom Neft—Rosneft joint venture, has produced its 10-millionth tonne of oil — this figure having been reached in less than three years of the Vostochno-Messoyakhskoye field going into production.

More than 300 production wells have been built throughout the license block during this time, with more than 1,100 total metres drilled. The company is producing 14,200 tonnes of oil per day.

A broad range of enhanced oil recovery (EOR) technologies are being utilised to ensure consistent improvements in production volumes and efficiency in developing hard-to-recover reserves at Messoyakha, including multistage fracking, polymer flooding and high-technology drilling. Practically every third well at this Arctic Circle field has involved multiple completion, or has been augmented with “fishbone” technology.* Construction of all well types is becoming ever more complex, with the company bringing a record-breaking eight-hole fishbone well into production in early 2019.

The company will continue its preparations for bringing new equipment into operation as part of the second phase of commissioning a six-million-tonne-capacity central gathering point (CGP) and building gas infrastructure facilities: these initiatives being part of a project to optimise associated petroleum gas (APG) usage by injecting this into strata at the Zapadno-Messoyakhskoye field — the Federal Subsoil Usage Agency having awarded the business a license for construction of an underground APG storage facility in March.

“Our search for new and promising blocks throughout Messoyakha continues: in 2019 we will be drilling the fourth exploratory well and undertaking seismic works on Achimovsky strata in the northern part of the Vostochno-Messoyakhsky license block. Concurrently with this, the team is actively involved in selecting the best working regimes for the operating well stock. Following extensive analysis, a specific regime and the appropriate geological-technical initiatives are selected for each individual well. This approach means we can manage operating well stock as effectively as possible and reach peak (plateau) production of six million tonnes per year by 2021”.
Victor Sorokin
Victor Sorokin CEO, Messoyakhaneftegaz, commented
Notes for editors

The Messoyakha group of fields includes the Vostochno (Eastern) and Zapadno (Western) Messoyakhskoye blocks located in the Gydan Peninsula, in the Tazovsky district of the Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Okrug. These fields are considered unique in terms of their proved reserves. The project is being implemented with very limited access to industrial and transportation infrastructure.

Licences to both blocks are held by Messoyakhaneftegaz, jointly owned by Rosneft and Gazprom Neft. President of the Russian Federation, Vladimir Putin, gave the instruction to commence commercial production at the field via video link on 21 September 2016. Total production at the field reached 4.5 million tonnes of oil in 2018.

*Fishbone well design involves a multi-branched structure allowing the simultaneous drainage of reserves at various depths, significantly increasing coverage of oil-saturated areas.