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Moscow Refinery launches Euro 5 diesel fuel


The Gazprom Neft Moscow Oil Refinery link open a new window has launched production of diesel fuel classified grade 5 under the Russian Federation Technical Regulations for the Quality of Motor Fuels. Production of grade 5 diesel fuel, which is substantially superior to lower-grade diesel fuels in terms of its environmental impact, has begun two and a half years earlier than the deadline established in the Technical Regulations. Beginning in June 2013, all diesel fuel that the Moscow Oil Refinery supplies to the Russian market will meet the Euro 5 standard. According to plans, the total volume of that fuel supplied in June will amount to 140,000 tons.

Production of Euro 5 diesel began after the reconstruction of the LCh-24-2000 diesel fuel hydrotreatment unit with a capacity of 2 million tons per year completed at the Moscow Oil Refinery. Implementation of that project involved replacing the main process equipment and commissioning a new hydrotreatment heater with a performance factor of 90 percent, which increases the time between repairs to four years. An additional hydrotreatment unit has been installed. The unit has helped reduce sulfur content in the fuel to 10 parts per million, which is 35 times less than in grade 3 fuel, which is at present approved for use in Russia. The Moscow Oil Refinery has been producing exclusively motor fuels of grade 4 and higher since April 2012.

LCh-24-2000 diesel fuel hydrotreatment unit

“Gazprom Neft is actively modernizing its Moscow oil refinery and significantly raising the quality of the fuel it produces. Converting to the production of grade 5 petroleum products will allow us to provide consumers in the country’s central regions with diesel fuel that meets the highest standards, cut harmful emissions, and improve environmental conditions in major cities. We will soon expand the range of our higher grade fuels, starting with Euro 5 gasoline,” said Anatoly Cherner, Gazprom Neft Deputy CEO for Logistics, Processing and Sales.

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Gazpromneft Moscow Oil Refinery link open a new window is a subsidiary of Gazprom Neft. The refinery’s capacity is rated at 12.15 million tons of oil per year. The enterprise produces automotive gasoline, diesel fuel, marine fuel, aviation fuel, heavy fuel oil, high-octane additives for automotive gasoline, asphalt, and multipurpose gases. The refinery provides approximately 40 percent of the petroleum products consumed in the Moscow region. A large-scale modernization program has been underway at the Moscow Oil Refinery since 2009. Total investment in the program will exceed 130 billion rubles before 2020. The program aims to improve the quality of petroleum products the refinery produces, increase the oil conversion rate, and raise the enterprise’s production efficiency and environmental friendliness.

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