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New Gazprom Neft-Branded Product Released

A new product has been released under Gazprom Neft brand. The Company's gas filling stations have started retailing a new Gazprom Neft-branded nonfreezing windscreen washer fluid. The new product compounding was created with a glance to the Russian climatic specifics. The product line includes 3 types of fluids meant for different temperature conditions. The fluid contents include high-quality components, such as demineralized water, isopropanol, aromatic composition, and synthetic surface active agents that are used to increase the fluid's detergency.

Currently, the Company experts are working at the design of branded cooling fluid, antifreeze, and other automobile chemical goods.

"Releasing the goods under an own brand will allow the Company controlling the product quality in a maximally effective way and securing the supply accuracy due to the creation of a unified sales system, - Gazprom Neft Regional Sales Director Alexander Krylov noticed. – Besides, Gazprom Neft-branded goods will facilitate to build the brand awareness and increase the customer loyalty to the Company's network of gas filling stations".