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New corporate-client online payment facility launched on the Gazprom Neft AZS.GO app

Gazprom Neft has expanded the functionality of its bespoke AZS.GO app, with the launch of a service for business users, who can now pay online with an “OPTI 24” card. The option to pay by card is offered automatically, with ID being confirmed by telephone number.

“We have adapted functionality to integrate the OPTI 24 card with the AZS.GO app so that people who drive for a living have the opportunity to fill up without leaving their cars. These days, this isn’t just a question of comfort, but also one of safety, since filling up this way minimises contact with staff and visitors at the station. Going forward, we will be adding online payments as a specialist function on the app for OPTI 24 corporate clients.”
Alexander Krylov
Alexander Krylov Head of the Gazprom Neft Regional Sales Directorate

AZS.GO is Russia’s first mobile app for online fuel payments, released by Gazprom Neft (a vertically-integrated company) in December 2018. It operates at all outlets in the Gazprom Neft and OPTI filling-station networks. The AZS.GO app accepts payments by credit card, through the Gazprom Neft “On Our Way!” loyalty programme, by Apple Pay and Google Pay, as well as through group accounts. The monthly audience paying for fuel online through the AZS.GO app stands at more than 150,000 users.

Notes for editors

The OPTI 24 card offers a wide range of fleet-management tools. The card can be used to obtain fuel and goods at filling stations, to use digital services, and to access tyre-fitting, car wash and oil-change services at service stations. It is accepted at more than 3,000 filling stations throughout Russia and the CIS, as well as 350 service stations. More than 500,000 drivers of commercial vehicles use OPTI 24 cards, every month.