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New digital transport monitoring system from Gazprom Neft improves safety in freight transportation

Gazprom Neft has launched a new, integrated digital system to monitor road transport safety parameters across businesses in its Logistics, Processing and Sales Directorate. Key indicators are monitored through a package of technical and software solutions, in real time, which, where necessary, results in mechanisms being triggered to prevent emergency situations. More than 2,000 units involved in various production processes are connected to this system — from passenger vehicles carrying employees, to tankers carrying petroleum products.

The system’s software core — developed around Russian technologies — can process an incoming data stream from 5,000 vehicles, concurrently. This monitoring system consolidates and analyses more than 30 criteria, together with qualification data on every driver — length of service, security clearance, safety driving certification, and more. Following swift analysis of data received, the system classifies any deviations on the basis of their severity. In order to avoid any potentially dangerous situation arising despatchers contact the drivers and adjust control parameters — governing speed or direction of movement.

Further development of the Gazprom Neft digital road transport monitoring platform envisages the deployment of onboard video analytics and machine-vision algorithms, with the system making predictive assessments of situations independently and adjusting drivers’ actions accordingly.

“Production-process and workplace safety is the overriding priority in our work. This new digital monitoring service will be one of the key elements in the vehicle management and transport control system. Thanks to modern technologies we can respond to potential risks, online, and ensure the highest possible level of transport safety.”
Eduard Sharaftudinov Head, Industrial Safety Department (Downstream), Gazprom Neft