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New technologies are helping Gazprom Neft increase production of high-tech bitumens

Gazprom Neft has launched a project to build a high-tech bitumen-binders production complex — unique to Russia’s roadbuilding industry — at the Gazpromneft-Bitumen Materials terminal in Salsk, in the Rostov Oblast. Construction is expected to be complete by 3Q 2021. The new complex will produce approximately 120,000 tonnes of polymer-bitumen binders (PBBs) every year.

Production facilities will involve technology from New Zealand company Technix, and will include a sealed heat-recovery system, optimising energy-efficiency and environmental safety. High-viscosity tar, produced at the Moscow Refinery’s Euro+ refining complex, will be used as feedstock for producing bitumen binders — on which basis, production will be fully integrated into the refinery—bitumen terminal production chain, allowing deliveries of polymer bitumens to roadbuilding companies throughout Russia’s Southern Federal District to be increased.

The cutting-edge bitumen-production solutions earmarked for this project have been successfully tested at pilot facilities at Gazpromneft-Bitumen Materials’ Science and Technology Centre in Ryazan — with more than 200 tests being conducted, in total, and more than 20 effective feedstock formulations for high-performance bitumen binders being developed.

“Our business development strategy envisages further increasing sales of bitumen materials, to more than three million tonnes per year, by 2030. The launch of this new cutting-edge facility at the Salsk terminal means we can start producing bitumen binders — using what is innovative technology on the domestic market — as soon as this year. We’ll be using the latest available solutions in binder production, to that end.”
Dmitry Orlov
Dmitry Orlov CEO, Gazpromneft-Bitumen Materials
Notes for editors

Gazpromneft-Bitumen Materials is the operator of Gazprom Neft’s bitumens business, responsible for the production and sale of bitumen binders. The company currently holds the market-leading position in Russia’s bitumens market, supplying bitumens and bitumen-derivative products across all regions of the country. The company is also one of the top-10 largest bitumens producers in the world, with Gazprom Neft’s products being used in roadbuilding across 65 countries, worldwide.

Gazprom Neft is the first vertically-integrated oil company (VIOC) to develop its own bitumen-materials network in Russia, supplying customers with high-quality binders throughout the entire country. The key asset in this new network is the bitumens terminal in Salsk, in the Rostov Oblast, whose infrastructure makes possible the production, storage and delivery of up to 140,000 tonnes of roadbuilding binders to businesses throughout the Southern Federal Okrug, every year.

* Technix is a New Zealand company, specialising in the production of bitumen materials and in developing new binder-production technologies. Established in 1914, Technix was the first company in the world to use bitumens in road construction.