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Omsk Refinery Launces Grade 4 Gasoline Production


The Omsk Refinery (ONPZ) has launched the production of gasoline, which meets Grade 4 standards of the Technical Regulations on Motor Fuels. Sulfur content in Super Euro-98 gasoline that meets ecological Grade 4 is down to 50 mg/kg, as opposed to 150 mg/kg in equivalent gasoline brand of Class 3, and volume fraction of aromatic hydrocarbons has dropped from 42% to 35% accordingly.

The upgrade of Super Euro-98 gasoline produced by ONPZ is a result of a new gasoline formulation that includes an isomerizate – a high-octane component of today's motor fuels with zero sulfur and aromatic and unsaturated hydrocarbons.

"Gazprom Neft is consistently working on a major program of upgrading its refining facilities, and improving the quality of motor fuels is one of this program's key objectives," said Anatoly Cherner, Deputy CEO. "Commissioning of Isomalk-2 and production of isomerizate at ONPZ enabled the refinery to produce high-octane Grade 4 petrol whose parameters meet the specifications of the Technical Regulation."

Notes for editors

Omsk Refinery is Gazprom Neft's largest oil refinery. Its installed capacity totals 19.5 mln tons of crude per year. In 2010, the refinery processed nearly 19 million tons of crude. The output of useful products last year was 83.27%, this being one of the best ratings in the industry.

Isomalk-2 started producing isomerizate in November 2010. Over 162 thousand tons of this high-octane gasoline component have been produced to date. The presence of isomerization product in gasoline results in better environmental parameters of the gasoline and better engine performance.