Omsk Refinery Recognized as “Best Consumer of the Year” by RAO UES of Russia

The Omsk regional power suppliers recognized JSC Sibneft-ONPZ as one of the best consumers of the year as a honorary diploma signed by the RAO UES of Russia’s Chairman Anatoly Chubais has been presented to the general director of the refinery Ildus Sarvarov.

Commenting on the power company’s friendly gesture Ildus Sarvarov stressed that they will strive to further fair partnership relations between Omsk Refinery and Omskenergo. At the same time he disclosed that the refinery and JSC Sibneft management develops plans for power costs minimization up to and including construction of its own power generating facilities.

Experts who are engaged in the implementation of the “Navigator.55” project and develop master-plan for modernization of JSC Sibneft-ONPZ have also come to the conclusion in favor of setting up the company’s own power generating capacity.