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Omsk Refinery Ups Output by 3.6% in IH 2012

In the first half-year 2012 the Omsk Refinery increased its refining output to 10.2 Mt by 3.6% versus the year ago period. High-octane gasoline output went up 15.7% to 2 Mt.

The refinery’s low-viscosity ship fuel production rose nearly five times to 567.9 Kt to 124.2 Kt. Between January and June 2012 the Omsk Refinery produced 785.7 Kt of aviation jet fuel and 920.5 Kt of heavy fuel for shipboard machinery, which is respectively 10.4% and 44.9% over the same period a year ago.

In May 2012 the Omsk refinery commissioned the first stage of the motor fuels hydrotreating complex, i.e. the 1.2 Mt catalyst cracking gasoline hydrotreating unit. The second unit in the complex, the 3 Mt diesel hydrotreating unit, will be put into operation in Q3, 2012. The launch of this high-capacity unit, which is one of the largest in Russia, will help significantly improve the refinery’s gasoline and diesel fuel output conforming to the euro 4 and 5 standards. It is expected that starting from 2013 all high-octane gasolines produced by the Omsk refinery will meet the 5th emission class of the Technical Regulations for Motor Fuel Quality.