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One out of four Russians name Gazpromneft their gas station of choice

According to a study by the global information and research company Nielsen, the Gazpromneft gas station network ссылка откроется в новом окне and G-Drive ссылка откроется в новом окне enhanced performance fuel rank within the top three best-known retail brand names on the Russian fuel market in their respective categories. The study was conducted on two levels: the federal level (in 46 cities) and the regional level (in sixteen regions where the gas station network operates). The total number of people polled was over 4500.


On the federal level, in response to the question, “What is your favorite gas station?” over 25 percent of those surveyed named Gazpromneft, which turned out to be the most popular response. In response to the question which gas stations they most frequently use, over one third named the Gazpromneft gas station network, which also was the most popular response.

In terms of brand awareness, the Gazpromneft gas station network ranks second in Russia. Gazpromneft gas stations have experienced higher growth of this indicator since 2011 than other networks which also have improved their brand awareness. G-Drive premium fuel ranks first for brand awareness in the company’s geographical regions of market presence, and it ranks second in the country as a whole.

The Gazpromneft gas station design won a high rating among consumers. Forty percent of those surveyed mentioned that they like the layout of Gazpromneft gas stations the most. Furthermore, the network ranked as the number one “gas station with the best additional services,” a category in which 36 percent of survey respondents classified the company.

“The results of the survey of Russian motorists confirm that we are confidently moving toward our objective. We’re creating one of the best gas station networks in the country. This is proved not only by the results of various studies, but also in the significant growth in fuel sales of 35 percent over the past year as well as other financial and economic indicators,” said Gazprom Neft Regional Sales Director Alexander Krylov.

Notes for editors

The analysis is based on Nielsen reports and assessments of the effectiveness of Gazprom Neft retail brand name promotion, including Gazpromneft gas stations and G-Drive fuel. The surveys were conducted following the company’s 2012 advertising campaign in Russia (© 2013 CJSC A.C. Nielsen).

Nielsen Holdings N.V.  (NYSE: NLSN) is a global information and research company, the leading supplier of analytical data in the field of marketing and consumer information, television and other mass media audience ratings, Internet analytics, mobile studies, specialized exhibitions, and support services. Nielsen is active in nearly one hundred countries of the world. Its headquarters are located in New York, United States and Diemen, Netherlands.

The Gazpromneft gas station network consists of approximately 1300 stations in Russia and the CIS countries. The broad geographical scope of the Gazpromneft gas station network and the advantageous location of the Omsk, Moscow, and Yaroslavl oil refineries secure Gazprom Neft’s leading positions on the wholesale and retail markets in Western Siberia and Central Russia.

G-DRIVE is a next-generation fuel sold at Gazpromneft network automotive fueling stations. G-Drive contains an active complex of additives that raise the engine’s efficiency, increase its power, and improve the automobile’s acceleration. The main advantages of Gazprom Neft’s premium fuel include an increase in engine power of up to 12 percent, an improvement in automobile acceleration by up to 1.8 seconds, and professional protection for the engine’s fuel system.

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