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Production of 100-octane gasoline launched at Slavneft-YaNOS

The Slavneft-YaNOS oil refinery has started commercial production of a cutting-edge gasoline with an octane number of 100. Production of this new high-octane fuel, which is fully compliant with Euro-5 environmental standards, is the result of a technological modernisation programme at the plant.

This 100-octane gasoline is designed for modern engines — the high octane number increasing engine power and boosting acceleration while reducing vibration and noise levels: a further advantage being easy engine-starting at low temperatures. The Slavneft-YaNOS 100-octane gasoline has been successfully tested at the OAO VNIPIneft Research and Design Institute for Oil Refining and the Petrochemical Industry, and will be made available in North—West Russia.

Gazprom Neft’s Omsk and Moscow Refineries also produce additive-free high-performance fuels — the Omsk Refinery having succeeded in producing a 100-octane fuel following the commissioning of its automated gasoline-blending facility in 2018, and the Moscow Refinery having added its G-Drive-100 gasoline to its existing product line following the launch of its cutting-edge Euro+ refining complex in 2020.

Notes for editors

Slavneft-YaNOS forms part of Slavneft, a Gazprom Neft—Rosneft joint venture. The company’s average refining volumes stand at about 15 million tonnes per year. The plant’s product range includes Euro-5-standard automotive gasoline and diesel fuels, a wide range of lubricants, bitumens, paraffin-wax products, aromatic hydrocarbons, liquid gases and fuel oil.