Resume of the Meeting of JSC Moscow Refinery Board of Directors

A meeting of JSC Moscow Refinery Board was held today to consider the issue of early termination of the employment agreement with the JSC General Director Ildus Sarvarov. The placement of the issue on the agenda was initiated by Mr. Sarvarov.

The Board of Directors resolved to suspend Mr. Sarvarov's authorities and approved the conditions of the mutual agreement of the parties on termination of the employment contract with the General Director of the Refinery.

Advisor to Gazprom Neft Deputy General Director for Logistics, Processing and Sales Arkadiy Egizaryan was appointed Acting General Director of JSC Moscow Refinery. Earlier, Arkadiy Egizaryan held the position of NIS Petrol Executive Director, and was in charge of the logistics, oil processing and sales business in the Serbian NIS.

The decision on early termination of JSC Moscow Refinery General Director's powers and appointment of a new General Director is to be discussed at the extraordinary meeting of the Refinery's shareholders. The date of the meeting will be announced in accordance with the current legislation.

"We are satisfied with the results demonstrated by Ildus Sarvarov during his term. Earlier this year, he launched a long-escalated and a large-scale program for modernization of the Moscow Refinery, - Gazprom Neft Deputy General Director for Logistics, Processing and Sales Anatoliy Cherner observed. – Ildus Sarvarov has been working at Gazprom Neft's entities for quite a long time, and we regret to have learned of his decision to leave the post of the Refinery's General Director."