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Sales at Gazpromneft filling stations grew by 13 percent in 2013

8.4 million tonnes of petroleum products were sold at Gazpromneft filling stations in Russia and the CIS in 2013, 13% more than in 2012.

In Russia, average daily sales per one station grew by 8% to 19 tonnes, a record for the country’s oil sector. The growth is the result of reconstruction and rebranding of the network, successful advertising campaign, and the development of a loyalty programme. The number of drivers participating in the Going Our Way loyalty scheme reached 4.3 million, 34% more than at the end of 2012. Fuel card sales to corporate clients in Russia grew by 10%.

At the beginning of 2014, Gazprom Neft had 1,111 filling stations in Russia and 228 in the CIS, making a network of 1,339 in total. In 2013, 50 filling stations were built or acquired, 110 were given complete overhauls, and 6 were rebranded. The total number of filling stations in operation increased by 6% year-on-year.

Projects focused on sales of the company’s premium brand fuel at its filling stations continued. In 2013, the company began selling G-Drive 95 engine fuel in Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, and Belarus. In February 2013, G-Drive 98 premium engine fuel went on sale at the company’s filling stations.

Accompanying business showed very positive results as well. Revenue from sales of other goods and services at filling stations grew by 44% and the number of filling stations with stores increased by 21% from 758 to 914.

There was a particular focus on natural gas based vehicle fuel. In 2013, sales of CNG were up 10.7% on 2012.

“In 2014, the priority for the sales division is to expand the network of Gazprom Neft filling stations in the Southern Federal District. We are also continuing to develop business in Kazakhstan. Another important area is the growth of the gas vehicle fuel market. Other plans include opening multi-fuel filling stations on federal highways where customers can fill up with either traditional or alternative fuels — liquefied petroleum gas and compressed natural gas”, said Alexander Krylov, Gazprom Neft Regional Sales Director.

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