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Sales of G-Family premium oils reach record level

In October, Gazprom Neft subsidiary — Gazpromneft Lubricants link open a new window — increased its sales of G-Family premium class oils to the record level of 1,500 tons. Nearly 1,300 out of the 1,500 tons were sold in Russia and the CIS countries, and over 200 tons were sold in Italy and other European countries.

The total sales of G-family oils over the first ten months of 2012 amounted to approximately 8,000 tons, which exceeds the amount for the first ten months of the previous year by 2.5 times. Sales growth accelerated significantly over the first ten months of 2011 due to an expansion of sales channels. In 2012, Gazpromneft Lubricants began direct supply of premium brand G-Energy link open a new window oils to repair service stations. At present, G-Energy is available at 1,200 stations. The company has also expanded significantly the range of its products. Since the beginning of the year, new-generation synthetic oils for diesel engines have been brought to market under the grades G-Profi GTS, G-Profi GT, and G-Profi LA, as well as the G-Energy Antifreeze line of coolants.

The company has achieved significant success in developing partnership with Russian and foreign auto manufacturers. In 2012, Gazpromneft Lubricants began direct supply of oil to the General Motors assembly plant in Kaliningrad, expanded its product range, and increased the volume supplied to the Mercedes Benz Trucks Vostok plant in Naberezhnye Chelny. The company also began supplying G-Family motor oils to Mercedes-Benz service centers in Serbia for warranty and post-warranty service of Mercedes cars and trucks. These successes were made possible by large-scale preparatory efforts: Gazpromneft Lubricants engine oils during 2011 — 2012 underwent testing for compliance with auto manufacturers’ requirements, and, within a minimized timeframe, the company obtained over ten approvals for products designed for engine priming on the assembly line.

“Gazpromneft Lubricants achieved record sales levels both by making effective use of marketing tools, and by commissioning an ultra-modern production site in Omsk whose capacity and technological level exceed those of the lubricants production plant in Italy. In the future, these factors will facilitate the expansion of Gazprom Neft’s production and sales of motor oils both in Russia and abroad,” noted Levan Kadagidze, head of the Gazprom Neft Commercial Directorate.

Notes for editors

Gazpromneft Lubricants LLC link open a new window is a subsidiary of Gazprom Neft which specializes in the production and sale of oils, lubricants, and technical fluids. It was created in November 2007 for the purpose of developing and improving the efficiency of the company’s motor oil business. Gazpromneft Lubricants has five productions sites in Russia, Italy, and Serbia. Its total production volume amounts to 450,000 tons of high-quality oils, lubricants, and technical fluids per year.

The company has a 14 percent share of the lubricants market in Russia, and it also operates on the South European, Serbian, Ukrainian, Belarusian, Kazakhstan, and Central Asian markets. The company supplies products to a total of 35 countries in the world. Gazpromneft Lubricants leads the Russian market in terms of lubricant production volumes.

The company’s product range includes the G-Energy and SibiMotor brands (motor oils for cars and trucks), Gazpromneft brand industrial oils and lubricants, and Texaco brand marine oils which are produced under a license from Chevron. At present, the Gazpromneft Lubricants product range includes approximately 400 oil and lubricant product names for all market sectors.

The G-Family is Gazprom Neft’s family of premium-grade lubricants. The G-Family range includes high-quality lubricants for modern automobiles:

  • G-Energy: engine oils for passenger cars;
  • G-Profi: engine oils for commercial-use motor vehicles;
  • G-Box and G-Truck: transmission oils for cars and trucks;
  • G-Energy Antifreeze: coolants;
  • G-Motion and G-Wave: oils for small engines;
  • G-Energy Grease: series of universal automotive lubricants.