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Sibneft Appoints Chief Technology Officer

Moscow, 27 September 2001; Sibneft has appointed Joseph Carl Granger to the newly created post of chief technology officer. Granger formally worked with Sibneft's strategic alliance partner, international oilfield service company Schlumberger, heading a joint working group on production optimisation.

Granger will be responsible for leading Sibneft's drive to introduce new production technology. He has been tasked with restructuring the company's engineering divisions and introducing new production optimisation software, as well as developing frac treatment design and introducing new downhole equipment. Granger will work closely with Sibneft's recently appointed chief engineer, who will be responsible for enhancing Sibneft's geological modeling capabilities.

Granger has worked for Schlumberger since 1981 at various locations in the US, Nigeria and Russia, and is a specialist in technologies to boost production. He was born in the US in 1947.