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Sibneft Completes Omsk Refinery Upgrade

Moscow, 18 October 2001; Sibneft has brought on stream a new alkylation unit at its Omsk refinery. The new facility will enable the company to launch the first commercial production of high-octane A-98 gasoline in Russia at the beginning of next year, with output expected to rise to a peak of 12,000 tonnes per month.

The new unit will allow the refinery to increase the share of light products in its output slate, and will also lead to a cut in atmospheric emissions, as it will enable the refinery to process a higher proportion of the gases generated in the refining process.

French engineering group Technip supplied the equipment for the new facility, which cost a total of $79 million. Sibneft aims to hike output at the Omsk refinery in 2001 to 267,000 barrels per day (13.5 million tonnes) from 247,000 barrels per day (12.56 million tonnes) last year.

Sibneft is continuing to upgrade the refinery, which already has the highest depth of refining in Russia. The company completed an upgrade of the refinery's catalytic cracking unit in May 2001, and aims to bring on stream a new catalytic reforming unit in 2003. Both steps will enable the refinery to increase production of high-octane gasoline.

"The completion of this new unit will allow the refinery to maintain its technological edge over its peers, and remain one step ahead of changes in demand on the Russian market," Sibneft president Eugene Shvidler said.