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Sibneft Launches Horizontal Drilling Programme

Moscow, 17 January 2001; Sibneft has completed its first two horizontal wells, signaling the start of an extensive programme of horizontal drilling which is set to gather pace in the coming months. Sibneft's first horizontal well at the Romanovskoye field beat expectations with output of some 1,550 barrels (214 tonnes) per day, more than five times the company's average production from new wells of 296 barrels (41.1 tonnes) per day.

Sibneft also recently completed a horizontal well at its new Yarainerskoye field, and drilling work on a horizontal well at the giant Sugmut field and a second horizontal well at the Romanovskoye field is currently under way.

Sibneft's horizontal drilling programme is being carried out with the help of the Anadrill subsidiary of Sibneft's strategic alliance partner Schlumberger. The programme is one of a range of methods being employed to enhance recovery from Sibneft's fields, with the aim of helping the company achieve its target of raising production by 11% in 2001.