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Sibneft Shareholders to Elect New Board of Directors

Moscow. November 25, 2005. Sibneft shareholders have nominated 11 candidates for the company’s board of directors, which is expected to be elected at an extraordinary general meeting scheduled for December 23, 2005. Gazprom, which controls more than 75% of Sibneft’s outstanding shares, put forward 9 candidates. Yukos Oil Company, which controls 20% of Sibneft, offered 2 candidates.

The candidates for the Sibneft board of directors are: Gazprom CEO Alexei Miller; Gazprom Deputy CEO Andrei Kruglov; Gazprom Deputy CEO and Acting Sibneft President Alexander Ryazanov; Gazprom Marketing and Refining Department head Kirill Seleznyov; Gazprom Legal Department head Konstantin Chuychenko; Gazprom Gas, Gas Condensate and Oil Production Department head Vasiliy Podyuk; Gazprom Legal Department deputy head Nikolay Dubik; Gazprom Economic Analysis and Pricing Department head Elena Karpel; Sergey Kuznets, head of the International Division of Gazprom’s Legal Department; Yury Starodubtsev, Vice President of Yukos Exploration and Production; and Yury Khudyakov, Head of Corporate Finance of Yukos Refining and Marketing.

Alexander Ryazanov has been nominated for the post of president, which will also be elected at the EGM.

In addition, the current board of directors has amended the agenda for the EGM with one further issue to be decided. Shareholders will be asked to select an auditor for Sibneft for 2005.