Sibneft Sponsors Football Tournament to Mark the 75th Anniversary of Moscow’s Prestigious Gubkin Russian State Oil & Gas University

Moscow, March 15, 2005. From March 19 through April 9, 2005, Sibneft will sponsor and participate in a mini-football tournament to celebrate the 75th anniversary of the I. M. Gubkin Russian State University of Oil & Gas, together with partners Mezhregiongas, Gazpromtrans, SG-Trans, Spetstsisterny, Sovfrakht, and Rosneft. In addition to financial support, Sibneft will secure the use of the Victor Maslov field at Moscow’s Torpedo stadium for the two rounds of the event.

The tournament is being organized by the Gubkin Alumni Foundation for Support of Higher Education and Science, together with the Gubkin university sports department. The organizers hope the event will help improve ties between the university, alumni and companies in the energy sector. They also hope to use the event to promote sports and healthy lifestyles, and to provide material support to employees and students of the university.

The tournament will consist of two rounds. The first involves three days of matches on March 19 and 26, and April 2. The second round on April 9 will determine the first, second and third place teams, with each receiving a diploma, trophy and medals. Awards will also be given in the categories “best goalkeeper”, “best defender”, “best striker”, “best goal scorer”, and “best player”.