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Smolensk Oblast Governor Alexey Ostrovsky gives positive feedback on Gazprom Neft’s Vyazma bitumens plant

Alexei Ostrovsky, Governor of the Smolensk Oblast, visited the NOVA-Brit plant (a Gazprom Neft production facility) during a working visit to the city of Vyazma, gaining an insight into the process of producing and packing high-tech bitumen materials and giving the thumbs up to the technological solutions on display at the plant’s test site.

The NOVA-Brit plant is one of Russia’s leading producers of bitumen-derivatives used in the construction and maintenance of road and transport infrastructure, airfield facilities, housing and utilities, and energy-industry facilities. The company’s own-brand product range covers more than 100 own-brand mastics, sealants, protective and restorative compounds and bridging tapes, many of which have no competitors in Russia. The plant’s products are used on all federal highways, and are supplied to countries in Europe, Asia and South America.

The Smolensk Oblast Governor also inspected a mobile unit — unique to Russia’s roadbuilding industry — used in applying protective and restorative compounds (this self-propelled unit delivers an even distribution of bitumen binders over asphalt surfaces, improving roads’ reliability and durability).

“The Vyazma NOVA-Brit plant is a modern, high-tech enterprise, whose products are widely used both in Russia and abroad. The plant continues to develop and deploy best-practice technologies in manufacturing innovative bitumen materials, making it possible to meet increasing demand from Russia’s roadbuilding industry, creating high-tech jobs, and further enhancing the industrial capacity of the Smolensk Oblast.”
Alexey Ostrovsky
Alexey Ostrovsky Governor of the Smolensk Oblast
“Major projects on developing Russia’s road network demand the use of cutting-edge materials that extend road-surfaces’ durability, while cutting maintenance and repair costs. Innovative bitumen binders, produced at the NOVA-Brit plant to the highest technological standards, demonstrate high performance and properties making them more than competitive with foreign alternatives. Which means our products can be used in building a large number of infrastructure facilities — highways, runways, bridges and tunnels.”
Dmitry Orlov
Dmitry Orlov irector General, Gazpromneft Bitumen Materials

Gazprom Neft is supplying bitumens and bitumen-derivatives to develop transport infrastructure in the Smolensk Oblast under an agreement entered into in 2019.