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Spectacular Nismo G-Drive Show held in Siberian and Ural cities

Gazprom Neft and Nissan have organized public motor sports events dubbed the Nismo G-Drive Show in Siberia and the Urals. The events drew over 40,000 attendees in Omsk and 60,000 in Novosibirsk. The show will be held in Tyumen on August 18, and in Yekaterinburg on August 25.

Spectacular Nismo G-Drive Show

The Nismo G-Drive Show is intended to introduce motor sports to the broadest possible audiences. Famous race car drivers demonstrate their mastery, driving race cars on courses specially arranged on central city streets. Over thirty cars running on G-Drive link open a new window new-generation fuel take part in the demonstration drives. The events feature Roman Rusinov, famous Russian racer and leader of the G-Drive Racing team and Mark Shulzhitsky, winner of the GT Academy Russian championships. Guests from the United Kingdom demonstrate exciting tricks, including participants of "Top Gear" racer Paul Swift's drift show and famous stuntman Terry Grant.


"In organizing this show, we want to turn speed lovers and racing fans in Russia's cities to the world of motor sports. The show allows us to demonstrate the enhanced performance properties of G-Drive fuel, which has been tested on world-famous racecourses and multi-hour endurance races. In fueling their cars with this fuel, Russian car lovers can feel like real car racers. I am confident that all of the show's attendees will be impressed by its power and boldness," commented Gazprom Neft Regional Sales Director Alexander Krylov.

In the photograph (from left to right): Terry Grant, Roman Rusinov, and Alexander Krylov

"We are glad not only to open up new possibilities at auto dealerships for our customers, but also to give the gift to all project guests of an unforgettable automotive extravaganza. Throughout its nearly eighty-year history, Nissan has been closely connected with motor sports. This spring, the Russian market saw the first appearance of the crossover Juke Nismo, a high-technology but nonetheless accessible automobile which continues Nissan's racing traditions with pride," commented Nissan East regional subdivision CEO Philippe Saillard.

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