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Studets from Khanty-Mansiysk and St. Petersburg scoop the main awards at this year’s “Developing Talent” competition

The results of the fourth Gazprom Neft “Developing Talent” competition have now been drawn up in St Petersburg — the competition having been held across 10 regions in which Gazprom Neft has a presence, with a total 2,600 students, from 220 schools, taking part. The competition was won by teams from Khanty-Mansiysk and St Petersburg.

The “Developing Talent” tournament is an educational science project from Gazprom Neft, for schoolchildren interested in oil and gas — its key feature being that competitive tasks do not assess children’s immersion in academic subjects, but instead test their ability to use their knowledge in practice, with specialists from Gazprom Neft’s Science and Technology Centre adapting genuine production challenges faced by oil-industry specialists in their work. Participants had to develop their own research, based on case-study data, which they subsequently presented to practicing specialists. The authors responsible for the most complete and interesting works were invited by tournament organisers to attend the final, traditionally held in St Petersburg.

A comprehensive educational programme was organised for teams reaching the finals in both the junior (Years 8 and 9) and senior (Years 10 to 11) categories, including training in public speaking, career aptitude tests, briefings with students from winning teams in previous years, and excursions to the company’s Science and Technology Centre in St Petersburg and the Peter the Great St Petersburg Polytechnic University. Students presented their findings to Gazprom Neft specialists and lecturers from technical higher educational institutions (HSIs), as well as taking part in open debates.

Based on their presentations, the winners in the senior category were: in first place — “Neftegrad”, Khanty-Mansiysk; second — “Magma flows in our veins, burning our hearts!”, Tomsk; and third — “Petroil and UM”, Tyumen.

The winners in the youth category were: in first place — “How d’you like that, Elon Musk?!” St Petersburg; second — “The hydrocarbons”, Omsk; and third — “The Khanters”.

The “People’s Choice” awards went to Vestibulum Tellus, Orenburg (Years 10–11) and Premiere, Noyabrsk (Years 8–9).

The tournament is held as part of Gazprom Neft’s “Home Towns” corporate social responsibility (CSR) programme, and opens up new professional development opportunities for talented young people, who are able to test their strengths in working out real-life production cases as well as gaining a closer insight into those engineering specialisms most in demand in the oil and gas industry. Tournament winners are awarded additional points in the Uniform Entrance Examination (UES) when enrolling at the Peter the Great St Petersburg Polytechnic University, the project’s academic partner.

Olga Andreeva, Director of the Home Towns CSR foundation, commented:"The aim of the Developing Talent competition is to offer gifted schoolchildren an insight into today’s oil industry, and to help them plan their future education and career. The competition’s format allows talented young people from Russia’s most diverse corners to test themselves in the role of an actual, real-life specialist and to see for themselves how they will be in demand at companies like Gazprom Neft."
Olga Andreeva Director of the Home Towns CSR foundation

Notes for editors

The Gazprom Neft “Home Towns” CSR programme is one of the most successful and best-known local development programmes offered by Russian businesses. Small-scale voluntary initiatives, local celebrations, and major international festivals — whatever their size and scale, all Home Towns initiatives have one thing in common: trying to make the world a better place. Gazprom Neft is working to create conditions in which people enjoy living in their home towns and villages, by improving local neighbourhoods, and supporting sport, education and culture.

The “Developing Talents” competition is a Gazprom Neft project that, rather than testing schoolchildren’s knowledge of academic subjects, instead tests their ability to apply that knowledge in practice. Participants are required to undertake a research project in oil production and refining — these competitive tasks having been prepared by specialists at Gazprom Neft’s Science and Technology Centre, based on actual cases encountered by the company in its production activities.

Teams of three compete in the Developing Talents contest, in two age groups — junior (Years eight to nine) and senior (Years 10 to 11) — with schoolchildren from those cities in which the company operates (St Petersburg, Moscow, Khanty-Mansiysk, Muravlenko, Noyabrsk, Omsk, Orenburg, Tomsk, Tyumen, and two settlements in the Yamal Peninsula, Cape Kamenny and Novy Port) taking part.

The competition is being held for the fourth time during the 2018–2019 academic year. The competition’s Academic Partner is the Peter the Great St Petersburg Polytechnic University, with tournament prizes offering the opportunity to gain additional points in the Uniform Entrance Examination (UES) when enrolling on technical courses at the university.