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  • The annual Christmas Miracle national fundraising kicks off at Gazprom Neft gas stations

The annual Christmas Miracle national fundraising kicks off at Gazprom Neft gas stations

The annual Christmas Miracle national fundraising campaign has begun on December 3 at the Gazprom Neft gas stations throughout Russia. The funds gathered by motorists during the campaign will be used to help socially disadvantaged children.


In order to become a participant of the Christmas Miracle campaign, which will last from December 3 to January 13, a motorist must fill up his or her gas tank at Gazprom Neft gas stations with any type of fuel at least 6 times, with at least 30 liters each time. The first time a motorist fills up, he or she get a card from the gas station attendant. The card gets marked off each time the participant fills up with 30 or more liters. After collecting six marks, the participant indicates on the card the purpose for which he or she wants the funds to be sent: repairing an orphanage building, buying toys, sporting equipment, or books for a library. Then the motorist returns the card to the gas station attendant and receives a New Year’s souvenir.

With each completed card, 200 rubles are allocated to the needs of children. At the end of the campaign, all of the funds raised through the combined efforts of Gazprom Neft gas station customers will be transferred to orphanages within the localities of the gas stations.

This year, the Christmas Miracle concept and the slogan “Be on the team!” are associated with a motor sports theme, which will make it possible to attract the attention of motorists to the problems of children, and will also help introduce children to the world of big races and real racecars. Upon completion of the campaign, a ceremonial presentment of money certificates and gifts will take place in sponsored orphanages. For the delivery of gifts to the orphanages in early 2013, Gazprom Neft will deploy the G-Drive Racing team led by the famous Russian racecar driver Roman Rusinov. Entertaining contests and trivia games await the children, and the atmosphere of a car race will be recreated in each celebratory event.

The Christmas Miracle social campaign is becoming a year-end tradition, now being held for the third time. In 2010, over 20 million rubles were raised in twenty regions of our country. In 2011, about 25 million rubles were raised. The funds were allocated for the needs of socially disadvantaged children from Moscow, Saint Petersburg, Novosibirsk, Omsk, Tyumen, Kemerovo, Chelyabinsk, Yekaterinburg, and other cities. Over the last two years, Gazprom Neft gas station customers have managed to help over 40 orphanages and children’s institutions.

Details on the event can be found on the website www.gpnbonus.ru link open a new window, by the telephone hotline 8-800-700-51-51, and from Gazprom Neft gas station attendants.