The Gazprom Neft Board of Directors reviews questions for its Annual General Meeting

Press-release Efficiency

The Gazprom Neft Board of Directors has reviewed questions for its Annual General Meeting of Shareholders (AGM). As approved by the Board of Directors, the AGM in Gazprom Neft will be held in St Petersburg on June 14th 2019. Information on those individuals and entities entitled to attend the AGM in Gazprom Neft will be confirmed by the end of business day on May 20th 2019.

The Board of Directors has approved the provisional distribution of profits arising from the company’s activities in 2018, recommending that the AGM pay dividends in the order of RUB142.2 billion, or RUB30 per ordinary share (taking dividends of RUB22.05 per ordinary share, already paid on the basis of the company’s interim results for the first nine months of 2018, into account), constituting 37.8 percent of Gazprom Neft Group net profits (IFRS) which, as at end-2018 stand at RUB376.7 billion. On that basis, Gazprom Neft’s 2018 dividend is likely to be double that of 2017.

The company is expected to confirm the list of individuals entitled to receive dividends by July 1st 2019.